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TaparoAcoustic panels come in two forms: wood panels and MDF panels. The panels are made from sustainable materials. The acoustic felt is made from polypropylene which have recycled properties. All the wood that is used comes from sustainable sources with great attention to the environment.

Dimensions and wood finish:

Wood panels comes in 600x600x210 mm dimension, and the MDF panels are made in 2 two dimensions: 2700x600x210 mm, with a density of 1,34 kg/mp. Wood panels essence: natural pine, ash/beech wood slats, or thermo-treated ash slats.


The science of sound

Elevate your space with every panel. Our products, designed and produced in Romania, enhance the way rooms sound and look. The acoustical panels are sound dampening and when installing them on walls, they will absorb the sound waves and remove reverberation.

How do the acoustic wood panels arrive?

The acoustic wood panel range comes in panels measuring 600×600 mm. The MDF Panels come packed two in a box. One box has the following dimensions: 2800 mm x 650 mm x 50 D.

Do the panels come in large sizes?

We have designed the panels to join width-ways and long ways seamlessly so any length or width can easily be achieved. The panels can also be easily cut if you need smaller dimensions.

On which surfaces can I install the panels?

You can mount the panels on all surfaces, including brick, concrete and plasterboard.

How can I clean the panels?

You can clean the panels with a duster, vacuum cleaner or a hard-wrung cloth.

How many panels will I need to get better acoustics?

The acoustic of the room depends also on the objects that are placed in the room. The more panels you use in the space, the better the acoustic will be in the room. A good rule of thumb is that you approx. need to cover 25% of the room area with a sound-absorbing material to obtain good acoustic.

What color options are available??

Currently, we offer 5 color options for slats:

-Natural or Black with OAK Furniture for MDF panels

-Natural Pine, Ash/ Beech Wood Slats or thermo-treated ash slats for the natural wood panels.

Give an extra elegance to the space and improve the acoustic of the room!

TaparoAcoustic Panels were designed to enhace people’s favourite spaces. At home or in the office, we all want a space where there are no echoes and reverberations that reduce the quality of discussions and productivity. Since no two spaces are alike, TaparoAcoustic panels have been specially designed in a versatile way, being easy to integrate into any space.

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